11 Signs The Online Job Is A Scam!!!

By | January 29, 2016

Internet fraud in the online employment community is at an epidemic level. The people who perpetrate these scams are extremely intelligent and prey on people looking for online employment.

Signs an Online job is a scam:

#1. It seems too good to be true:

These low life’s prey on desperate people. They make the job pay some incredible wage for a small amount of work. If you are getting $50 dollars an hour for typing or coding you can be assured it is a fake.

Expect to put a lot of work into an online business with maybe no pay for several months. If you are starting your own business online expect to be putting in a lot of time that maybe uncompensated.

There are few jobs that you can do online where if you don’t have the required education or degree that you are going to get the job. Expect the same salary you would be making or less if you were going to a regular job. If you make minimum wage on the outside don’t expect to get paid 100, 000 plus online with with no experience. REMEMBER IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBALLY IS!!!

#2. Is The Prospective Employer Asking for Personal Information:

It should be an automatic red flag if your future online employer is asking for your personal information. When you are inquiring about an online job your employer should not be asking for you bank account numbers, social security number, personal phone number, family income… If this happens this is a huge red flag.

What could be happening is your putting yourself at risk for identify theft, having your finances ruined and having your personal information sold to a third party. Be careful out there!!!

#3. What is the Employment You are Applying for:

If you are not an engineer and you are applying for engineering work and they say they will train you , you know something is wrong. Be careful if the employer is not specific in what they are looking for. For example, must be a citizen, 18 years old and can type. Well that is most everyone looking for job.

The employer should be specific and detailed in what they expect of you. For Example “Looking for Registered Nurse with 10 years ICU experience to consult on medical legal briefs for Law Firm…”.

#4. Do all your own research:

Who is this company? Look on the internet for possible scams with this company. Don’t be afraid to ask people who you trust for advice. Check with the BBB, and authorities in your area. If you think an employment company is a scam or does not feel right report it to the federal trade commission. Go with your gut feeling if it does not feel right, it probably isn’t.

#5. You should not be paying any money upfront to anyone:

If online employer is asking for money to get a job. Stay away!!! You should stay as far away as you can. Never pay to get employment!!! The chances of it being a scam are almost 100%. You can kiss that money good bye!!!

#6 Interview is done on IM:

Even though we live in a computerized society most interviews are done in person or by some media such as Skype. If the interview is done by instant messaging this should be a huge red flag. This is saying they are totally a scam or they do not think you are important enough to spend the time to interview.

#7 You are Automatically Hired:

Online job interviews should not be much different than in person interviews. An interview should be a way for both you and the employer to feel each other out. There are probably numerous candidates and you should expect the employer to get back to you not hire you on the spot. If you are hired on the spot this is a huge red flag and should make you question the legitimacy of the job.

#8. You get overpaid for your Work:

If you get overpaid for the work you do you can almost bet it is a scam. The employer overpays you then you send money back. Then you find out that the check you were overpaid with is not good. This is a common scam that is found online. Once again you will never see that money again!!!

#9. Does not Appear Professional:

If the posting for the job does not appear professional this could indicate that the job is a scam.

#10. If it’s from Overseas and Online Stay Away:

There are so many oversea scams with online employment. If you are interested in an  overseas job online I would research it online. Check every possible source available regarding the company. Look for every angle of a scam. Use the above information as a guide. Then decide if you feel comfortable with it. Personally I would not work in a job from overseas online!!!


As human we have an innate ability to feel when something is not right. Go with that gut instinct. If it does not feel right just stay away from it. No matter how good it sounds. IF IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBALLY IS!!!

I hope the above information was useful. If you have been scammed online please contact the authorities. Can you also share with everyone here who scammed you and how, so we can let everyone know. Also if you have an excellent online job also share that.wealthy_affiliate_going_up

Remember be safe out there!!! Happy job hunting!!!

10 thoughts on “11 Signs The Online Job Is A Scam!!!

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  1. Arlyn D. Nabasca

    I would like to know if this Quick Cash sytem Online of making money is legitimate and not a Scam. I need your help before investing 250$from my account. because this system online attracts me to join and inveaty money. Please do help me. I ready need your advise.
    Thank you so much.

    Arlyn Nabasca

    1. Shawn Post author

      Hi Arlyn I am happy to meet you today. If it was me I would keep my $250.00 and invest it or save it. I would not be putting it in Quick Cash System. There are so many red flags with Quick Cash system I don’t know where to start. The video with Sarah Markel who by the way does not even own the company promises unrealistic gains. She is not the owner of the company just an actress. This is one of those binary trading scams. They try to market to people that are having difficulties and they will make everything ok again. Quick Cash System is an out right SCAM. I would keep my money and would not invest a dime. If there anything further I can help you With Arlyn just let me know.



  2. Marievic

    Hi this is marievic i need your advise it is possible to deduct in my acct. The scamers?.. when i already gave 16 digits numbers front of my atm card but not may pin # nor password.. scamers called me through phone..the number they use is from newyork.. i doubt if its scam.

    1. Shawn Post author

      Hi Marirvic if you have given someone you don’t trust your credit card number i would contact your bank immediately. I had someone using my credit card number in one city while I was in a totally different city. I contacted my bank and they froze my card and sent me out a new one immediately. The bank told me it was a card breech when i was at a fast food restaurant.

      If you have any concerns I would contact your credit card company. The worst that could happen is they freeze your card and send you out a new one.

      I hope this was helpful.

      Thank You,


  3. Cheryl Crago

    I just spent $164.00 on wahpaycheck.tell me it isnt so.i may not know much about online..anything.they sounded really good.now im feeling really.?most diffefently.hurt.i am was or ? Looking forward to starting something in my life that Maybe would turn out for the good .im not rich didnt want to be.but would of liked to show my life worth was something.not a joke.wow.tell me they did not scam me.

    1. Shawn Post author

      Hi Cheryl. WAS paycheck is a total scam. The single mother is fake. They are all actors. The 164 dollars is probably gone. Sorry to tell you that.

      But consider yourself fortunate, people have been scamed out of thousands of dollars. If ever a site wants money and you are suppose to keep it a secret, a red flag should go off in your head it is a scam.

      I personally would pay no site money upfront. When I joined this site “Wealthy Affiliate” I did not pay any money upfront.

      I am sure you area wonderful person. In Gods eyes we are all the same. Rich, Middle-class, Poor. He doesn’t care.

      Thank You,

  4. Walt Seng

    I have been interviewed and accepted to work as an administrative Assistant for a German company called KION AG. The interview took place on Google Hangouts. The interviewer has an identity in Facebook and LinkedIn. The photo and company he works for match that of the interviewer. My question is: Can a person steal an identity to that level where is matches a real person with the same credentials of the spoofer?

    1. Shawn Post author

      Hi Walt Seng I hope you are doing well. Sure a person can become anyone given the right information and skills to do so. Scammers are getting higher tech and more convincing all the time. I would do all the back ground information you can. Check directly with the company regarding the interview. Check the company out with fraud lists with government. Why was the interview on the internet and not in person? I would not give out any personal information until you check this all out. Scammers do interviews, get all your personal information and can steal your identity. Just be extremely careful.




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