Credit Card Compromised Scam

Credit Card Compromised Scam


Hi how is everyone doing. Having this site has taught me alot. I have become much more careful wh

Your Credit Card Has Been Compromised

Your Credit Card Has Been Compromised.

en I talk with people and the information I give out.

Last week I was sitting in my porch enjoying the beautiful fall weather and I received a phone call. A stern voice on the phone said are you Shawn? I said yes.

“Your credit card has been compromised and we need information from you.” The first question they asked me was the only question before I ended the call.

“What is your Credit Card Number”? I thought to myself  “If this is my bank phoning they should know my credit card number. I said I was going to check this out with my bank.

When I went into my bank to ask if it was them calling they said it was a scam. The teller told me that I was the 5 th customer to check this morning with the same phone call.

The scam artists on the other end of the line get your personal information then within minutes use it with your credit card information.

Be careful out there,


Your Friend,